Pick up a Swim-a-thon Registration Booklet (available NOW!) from the Centralines Sports Complex or download and print:

Approach family, friends, neighbours work mates, club mates etc to sponsor you either per length that you swim, or pledge a donation.

Make sure they fill in all their details on your Sponsorship Form

If you run out of space on your forms you can download extra forms here:


Registrations desks open at 5.30pm

Race Briefing 6.00pm  

Swimming starts at 6.15pm 

**Bring your completed Registration & Sponsorship Forms with you on event day** 

At the completion of your swim, you will receive a certificate confirming the official number of lengths you completed. 

There will be prizes for the ‘Most Lengths Swum’ and the ‘Most Money Raised’ in each section. 

If you happen to have collected in all your sponsorship money this can be handed in on the day


Return to your sponsors with your Sponsorship Form to collect their pledged sponsorship. 

Hand in your sponsorship money to the Centralines Sports Complex Reception. 

All money needs to be handed in by - FRIDAY 24th May at the latest


What if I am unsure what my swimming capability is and I want to take part in the lane swimming?

To take part in the LANE swimming you MUST be capable of swimming 25m (aided or unaided) Children must have parental permission to enter. If you have any medical concerns regarding your ability to take part in this initiative safely, please check with your family doctor

Do I have to have 5 people in my TEAM?

You can have any number of team members up to a MAXIMUM of 5 and this can be made up of friends, family, workmates. 

What do I do with my sponsorship money if I have it all collected before event day?(eg. pledges)

Once you have your full total, return it to the Centralines Sports Complex Reception for it to be recorded as being received.

What will happen to all the money raised?

The proceeds from the event will be held in trust by the CHB Swim 4 Lives group for the stated purpose of assisting schools to participate in deep water swim sessions by subsidising travel costs to and from the sessions and supporting schools and at-risk children to access additional support to raise their swimming ability.